Whether you are a seasoned bid participant or new to the world of competitive and/or speculative bidding, there may come a time when you need additional resource to meet the needs of your business and to give you that winning edge.

Perhaps you have an over-stretched internal bid team, or don't have a dedicated bid team at all, and need someone to manage your bid process, write a compelling response or carry out a review of your completed tender? Perhaps, you need support in producing a creative and engaging presentation? Sometimes a little help is all that is needed to make the difference between bidding or not bidding, or winning and losing.

I provide timely, flexible bid support to businesses of all types and sizes across the UK. With over 20-years experience of managing, writing and reviewing bids across a diverse range of industries, I am ideally placed to join your team and become an effective bid resource as and when you need it.

Bid Management

Whether you participate in competitive or speculative bidding, your business needs to manage the bid process effectively and timely to ensure you meet the needs of the procuring organisation.

Having managed many bids and proposals, from identifying the initial opportunity right through to contract negotiations, I am able to quickly become an effective part of your team, managing all or just part of the process for you.

Perhaps you'd like someone to manage the Bid/No Bid process, or run a strategy or storyboarding session - I can dip in and out, as you require, to keep your bid team focussed on the job in hand.

Or maybe you need someone to come in and manage the entire process from start to finish - I can do that too ... including writing the response!

If you need extra resource to help manage the process, whether as a whole or in part, then I can help ...

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Bid Writing

Writing a concise, compelling and customer-focussed bid response is time-consuming and requires dedicated resource, a luxury that many businesses often don't have. 

It also requires the ability to quickly and effectively write a response that highlights your business and solution while remaining compliant with the procuring organisation's requirements.

Here is where I can help. Having written many bids across many industries and subjects, I can easily and quickly adapt to work with you and your Subject Matter Experts to create a bid response that will stand you out in the crowd.

I am naturally creative and can turn material, whether sales, technical, administrative or legal, into a customer-focussed response. 

Finding a flexible and experienced extra resource, as and when you need it, can mean the difference between winning and losing - let me help you ...

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Bid Reviews & Proofreading

There are various review stages throughout the bid lifecycle, and reviews can take place both pre and post-submission.

Having an independant review of your documentation pre-submission can quickly pick up grammatical and typing errors whilst highlighting areas that perhaps need to be addressed further to give you the best chance of winning. 

Or, perhaps you have submitted a bid that scored disappointingly low against the procuring organisation's criteria. Having an experienced and constructive eye cast over the submission can help you understand where you dropped points and identify areas you could improve on in the future?

Whichever the scenario, with 20+ years of bid and proposal writing and management means I can quickly and effectively review your bid response, providing you with structured and constructive feedback. 

I can give independent feedback on your response, quickly & constructively, to highlight areas that need to be addressed further before submission, or to provide a reflective 'lessons learned' report following bid submission ...

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Bid Presentations

So you've written and submitted a compelling proposal and now you've been invited to the next stage of the procurement process; The interview and presentation. 

I can help you design and write a creative PowerPoint presentation to help you answer the client's questions and boost your offering. With excellent graphic design skills, I can produce something eye-catching that promotes your brand, while meeting the needs of the client through concise and accurate content.

I can also coach you through the presentation so you know how best to put across each slide to keep your audience engaged throughout. I can write notes to accompany the slide pack so you have something to refer to while pitching.

There's nothing worse, as an audience member, than having to listen to someone just read out paragraphs of text from over-crowded slides. So, let me help you produce something that will keep your client 'with you' throughout the presentation and interview. So let me help you win that contract ...


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