Stage Two – incremental build

With the introduction of email, video-conferencing and other technologies, bid teams can now be made up of geographically-detached team members, which is great when your specialists are based at different sites or even in different countries. Trying to review a proposal virtually can still be a bit of a headache though and this is where we can help.

We can begin building your proposal website as soon as you begin to pull together the various sections, thus creating a great platform for virtual tender reviews. Each bid team member can login to the website and review their, and others, sections of the proposal. However, If you don’t want every team member to have access to every section, we can even secure each web page with different login detalils and passwords.

Reviewing your tenders this way is also environmentally friendly and can save your business a fortune in costs related to printing off large documents. Computers are part of our everyday lives now and most people are familiar with trawling websites to find out information. 

Our proposal websites allow your bid team to review your proposals quickly and easily and, if you need us to, we can be part of that review process adding amends as they are raised.

Stage One

We take the customer’s ITT/RFx and begin designing the website structure around their requirements and your branding.

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Stage Two (Optional)

Stage Three

We build the final proposal website with your completed proposal.

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Stage Four (Optional)

We can support you beyond the submission of your proposal by building in presentations, contracts and anything else that you might need to support your ongoing tender stages and negotiations.

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