Stage One – the initial design

First, we work remotely on the overall structure of the website - this helps to keep costs down. However, if you wish us to participate in your initial meetings or even to join your bid team throughout the process, we are more than happy to do that. 

When working remotely, you can send us the Request For Information/Request For Proposal/Invitation To Tender electronically so that we can begin to design the background and capture the customer requirements into the proposal delivery website. 

You will need to decide at this early stage whether you want to create videos to support your response as this will take time to setup, script and produce. We are able to fully support you in this activity and have a number of film and video companies that we have a great relationship with. You can also provide all of your contact details at this stage so we can design a contact page with contact form for your customer to get in touch with you.

As you develop your response layout, you can send it through to us, again so we can begin designing the website pages and sub-pages. It is important to identify your response structure early on, not only for the purposes of our design process, but also for your own benefit. 

Your bid team need to know what information is required and how it will be pulled together to create a compliant, well-structured tender submission.

Stage One

Stage Two (Optional)

We take the ITT/RFx and your initial proposal data and begin building the response pages so that your internal teams can review the requirements and proposal response online through the website we create. This is incredibly useful where members of the bid team are spread across different sites, or if you need to involve suppliers and/or sub-contractors.

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Stage Three

We build the final proposal website with your completed proposal.

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Stage Four (Optional)

We can support you beyond the submission of your proposal by building in presentations, contracts and anything else that you might need to support your ongoing tender stages and negotiations.

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