A New Approach

Delivering success through innovation

Our bid delivery approach will give you the competitive edge you need to help secure new business through the competitive tendering process.We work alongside bid teams to create a secure, customer-focussed website, the pure purpose of which is to deliver your proposal. In addition to the required proposal delivery method, as specified by your customer, you will be able to send them a link to their own response website, along with a username and password.

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Your Competitive Advantage

The advantages of delivering your bid through a bespoke website includes:

    • A structured layout
    • Easy navigation – it is a website and so navigates as such
    • Create a bid-specific Executive Summary
    • Create/add generic and proposal specific videos about your services or products
    • Use of hyperlinks to connect customer questions to the specific response or website pages
    • Contact forms so your customer can get in touch with you online
    • Links to external documents
    • Links to the full proposal in pdf format or using our flipbook e-bid
    • Customer-focussed branding
    • User-friendly – People use websites on a daily basis so it will be familiar territory.